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Uses for Epoxy Paint

A Durable Surface

Epoxy paint can be used anywhere a durable shiny surface is needed. Epoxy paint is a great choice for industrial garage floors and concrete walls, condominium patios and courtyards, box stores, factories, warehouses and not just for floors. Epoxy coatings are composed of epoxy resin and a chemical hardener. Together they create a very strong, solvent resistant coating. Epoxy’s are popular because of their durability and easy to clean finish. They can also be applied to many surfaces like concrete, steel, wood, even plastics.

What is Epoxy Paint?

An epoxy coating technically isn’t paint. It is better described as a coating or sealant. When you hear the term “epoxy paint” it usually means acrylic paint mixed with epoxy called “1 Part Epoxy.” This “paint” is carefully formulated so that it dry’s just like ordinary paint and any color can be mixed with it. The difference is once dry, it will be resistant to solvents, gasoline, oil and other harsh chemicals that normally would stain. It also doesn’t scratch or loose its shine over time. Therefore, its great in industrial settings. Also, epoxy paint doesn’t really “dry”, a more accurate expression would be “it cures” as it seals any porous surfaces. Because of its nature epoxy coatings are excellent moisture barriers and protect materials in humid atmospheres like arenas and swim complexes.

Cost of Epoxy Floors

Epoxy paint becomes more affordable the larger the surface area. At around $11 per liter it becomes much cheaper than tile or wood. Also, you get much more value because of its durability. It’s a long-lasting beautiful surface that you usually do just once, and it is easily repaired if needed.

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