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Painting Services List

Factory Metal Deck Ceilings

Metal Decking in Ontario Automotive Plant
Metal Decking in Ontario Automotive Plant

Pesada knows how important it is to have your factory looking good for potential customers. A fresh, organized atmosphere also helps employees to be more productive, and reduces stress.  We offer deck ceiling painting that will make any industrial setting more appealing.  We understands that down time in an industrial or manufacturing facility is not an option. Our skilled team of professional painters can work around your schedule to insure little if any disruption.

Pesada has a large work force and builds teams specific to project requirements and needs. Ask for a Pesada sales representative to give an on-site free estimate, and get your project started. Our friendly, professional staff is happy to help.

What is Electrostatic painting?

An electrostatic coating is a process that uses charged particles to efficiently paint a metal surface.  The paint used in electrostatic painting, can be alkyd, epoxy, eurothane and other coatings. The paint particles are sprayed towards a conductive part or surface the same way a painter would use spray paint, except, the atomized paint is accelerated toward the surface by a strong electrostatic charge ensuring a more even quality coating.

Electrostatic paint can be used for wrought iron fencing, steel, aluminum, or iron patio furniture, light fixtures, metal doors, cabinets, replacement auto parts, elevators, industrial equipment, iron or metal railings, bathroom stalls, gym lockers and more.

Pesada Painting has the equipment and the knowledge to complete any electrostatic painting projects.

Pesada Worker Paints Electrostatically
Pesada Worker Paints Electrostatically

Machinery and Equipment Painting

Painted Machinery in Toronto, Ontario
Painted Machinery in Toronto, Ontario

We are Southern Ontario’s leading industrial painting company offering many services including machinery and equipment painting.  We know how important your equipment and machinery is to your business.  A “no detail missed” painting of your machinery will protect and prolong its life and use.  We can make old equipment look like it’s new.  Our painters know how to prepare any surface and what type of paint to use for a flawless finish.

Pesada specializes in industrial applications that includes machinery and equipment re-finishing.  Get more use out of old equipment, and make it more durable.  We can refurbish fixtures, jigs, outlets, panels, ductwork, piping and machine casings & components. Ask a friendly, knowledgeable Pesada sales team member for a free quote on equipment, and machine painting.

Concrete Floor Painting | Line Painting & Markings

If you need precise, detail oriented, floor lines or markings, Pesada Painting is who to call.  We know how important floor lines and markings in industrial settings can be for the safety and direction of your team.  Pesada Painting makes sure our professional painters are always precise, alert, and detailed when it comes to any floor or line or marking.  We prepare a complete overview of what is needed and follow our plan with precision.  Any changes to plan are clearly communicated to our team.  With 45 years + experience, we have honed our skills, and are your best choice for large scale line and mark painting projects.  Call us today for a quote!

Line Painting and Concrete Floor Coatings
Line Painting and Concrete Floor Coatings
Epoxy Floor Coating by Pesada Painting
Epoxy Floor Coating by Pesada Painting

Benefits of epoxy flooring include:

  • Easy to clean
  • A durable hard surface
  • Attractive flooring surface
  • Slip resistant
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly

Industrial Floor Painting or Coating

Reduce the time you spend cleaning and maintaining your floor surface with a floor coating from Pesada Painting.  We offer a wide range of floor coatings for concrete, and metal, that can stand up to the pounding of an industrial environment.

We specialize in Epoxy Coatings for Industry, and warehouse applications.  Our team at Pesada will prepare your floor, prime it, and apply specialized epoxy suited to your needs.  No detail is missed ensuring a safe, stain resistant, durable surface that can last decades in the most demanding environments.  Many who have their floors resurfaced by Pesada wonder why they didn’t do it sooner?

Our services are offered throughout Southern Ontario.  Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Oshawa, Ajax, Whitby, Pickering, Barrie, King City, Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington, Brampton, Waterloo, Kitchener, and Guelph are just some of the cities we’ve worked in.  Our goal is to minimize disruption to your company during our painting projects.  Our company vision includes integrity, quality, and customer service.  We work hard to make sure that we uphold what we stand for, and you can see it in our work.  Our professional sales reps can provide friendly and informative information, as well as a free no obligation quote.

Metal & Steel Clad Buildings

Large warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants, refrigerated storage buildings, whatever the size, Pesada Painting of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada has the staffing, the equipment, and the experience to tackle any size painting project.  We know after months of construction you don’t have time to wait for painting to be completed.  We are fast, skilled, and often complete large projects ahead of schedule.  Whether its new, or you need to refresh the appearance of a large building, trust Pesada to do it fast, prepare it well, and use the right product. It will look fantastic for a long, long time.  Get a Free quote today!

We paint with Canadian winters in mind. We only use high quality coatings that can withstand extreme conditions and last for decades.

Fire Department Building Exterior by Pesada Painting
Fire Department Building Exterior by Pesada Painting
Industrial Fuel Storage at in Burlington, Ontario
Industrial Fuel Storage at in Burlington, Ontario

We offer many storage tank and silo industrial painting services including:

  • High Aerial Teams
  • Power Washing
  • Shot Blasting
  • Sand Blasting
  • Products That Last

Large Storage Tanks & Silos

Storage tanks and silos are exposed to the elements and therefore need to be coated with long lasting, durable paint.  Pesada Painting has experience painting hundreds of outdoor storage tanks and silos.  Whether your tank/silo is new or needs re-painting, our industrial painting team has the skill, and scope to tackle any project and finish on time, and on budget.  We will guarantee the highest standard of industrial paint.

At  Pesada Painting, you are getting the best quality services, and paint products for your industrial projects. Our staff use only the most trusted brand of paint, providing long lasting finishes.  We work meticulously to make sure that your storage tanks and silos have an even durable coating.  We deliver nothing but the best. Call us today for an on-site visit.

shot blasting
Airless spray painting
Arial painting

Manufacturing Facilities & Power Plants

Pesada Painting company knows how important it is for your manufacturing facility to look good for tours.  Whether its investors or safety inspectors, your plant needs to be clean and safe.  Pesada Painting offers many painting services for manufacturing applications.  A  clean bright shop also helps with production, and employee attitude, among many other positive benefits.  Let Pesada brighten your work atmosphere.

Our manufacturing facility painting services include:

  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Stucco
  • Sanding
  • Caulking
  • Metal Deck Painting
  • Duct Work and Utility Painting
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • Line Painting
  • Preparation of all surfaces
  • Equipment Painting
  • Electrostatic Painting
  • Non-Slip Coatings
Automotive Plant Painted by Pesada Painting
Automotive Plant Painted by Pesada Painting
Corrugated Steel Cladding Painted Bright Green
Corrugated Steel Cladding Painted Bright Green

Corrugated Steel Panels & Metal Roofing

Corrugated steel paneled buildings can be a durable and cost effective way to build.  Many storage buildings, community centers, garages, and even office buildings have used steel as an exterior Finnish.  Whether new construction, or old, and needing re-painted Call Pesada Painting of Waterloo to get it looking just right.

Our expert painters use various methods to prepare the surface before painting.  From power washing to sand blasting, we are your one stop shop for all things that need paint.  We have superior products to chose from so that what we paint lasts decades.  Call Pesada first, for a job done right, once, and for all time.

Pesada has done painting projects on corrugated steel all over Ontario including: the GTA, Waterloo, Kitchener, Brantford, St. Catherin’s, Windsor, London, Sarnia, Hamilton, Burlington, Milton, Guelph, and more.

Institutional Painting

Low to No Fume Paint Products & Coatings for Schools and Hospitals

Pesada has had the privilege of painting the interiors and exteriors of some of Ontario’s beautiful Schools, Courtrooms, Banks, Hospitals and Government buildings.

As a family owned and operated company Pesada is proud to make school hallways and classrooms shine, adding to the positive experience of our youth.  Pesada Painting has specialty products that not only look good and last decades, but also provide a healthy environment.  Ask our sales team about paint products that have low to no fumes after application, because its important in many situations where kids and adults spend many hours of the day.

Pesada has been the contractor of choice for painting institutional buildings.  They are know for quality and the ability to finish the biggest projects on time and on budget.  Their workforce of painters are knowledgeable and care about their work.

High school lobby in Toronto, Ontario
High school lobby in Toronto, Ontario
Floor Coating, Post Markings, Piping and Parking Lines Painted by Pesada in Oakville, Ontario
Floor Coating, Post Markings, Piping and Parking Lines Painted by Pesada in Oakville, Ontario

Underground Parking Garage Painting

Epoxy Coatings help keep garage floors clean and maintainable.  Clear, precise, pavement lines help to avoid accidents, and gives your parking complex organization and order.  Clear markings help people remember where they parked.  High quality paint specially formulated for this unique environment will last decades before needing to be repainted.

Pasada Painting has the manpower, and experience, to paint any size parking garage like this one in Oakville, Ontario.